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Today I want to tell you a bit more about my art and photographs that are available on Fine Art America.

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Over the years, I’ve taken thousands of photos.  Literally. Our 14 day trip to Thailand resulted in nearly 3,500 photos. While a lot of photos are tourist snaps, I did manage to get a few that looked great from an artist’s perspective.

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My trip last year to Venice, Burano and Paris resulted in 6,000 photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras and memory cards!  I must admit, Burano is a photographer’s paradise. Everywhere you look, the sheer visual beauty of the island threatens to overwhelm you.

Photography Prints

I am a visual person. I love colours, patterns, textures, and interesting compositions. I can happily freak out at the sight of a unique drain cover with interesting patterns… much to the bemusement of passersby. While I take many photos, only a select few had strong enough compositions to make it to my online gallery.  If there was even the smallest corner of the photo that did not please me, it didn’t make the cut.

Photography Prints

While I am very proud of the successful attempts, I am more astonished at the lucky shots I got in a few cases. Just walking along and randomly taking photos, it becomes marvelous to review them all a few months later…. and to find “the perfect shot” in between all the junk ones. I think it takes the stress out of sitting in one position for hours at a time, hoping to get a good photo at the end of the day. I also have Fibromyalgia, so sitting still for long periods of time just causes a lot of extra pain. Win-win, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m also a sucker for gorgeous flowers. Their velvety petals and fresh scent are an absolute delight. I don’t buy fresh cut flowers often, as I prefer to see them in their natural state. Living in Dubai’s harsh climate, however, means that not many flowers will grow here successfully. I have a hard time walking past a florist shop without getting sucked into the door!

Photography Prints

The Fine Art America website has thousands of images for sale in various formats: framed, unframed, metal prints, greeting cards, even cellphone covers, throw pillows and bedding.  It also allows me to sell my paintings and mixed media artworks in print form, without having to sell the original. I like having my art around my house and I am a bit possessive of them too.  Other artists will understand this parental instinct to protect my little creations.

Sell Art Online

I have sold a few prints of my Jacaranda photo and more recently, someone purchased it in the form of greeting cards. It warms my heart to think that someone liked my little photo enough to put it on their wall; and even liked it enough print it on greeting cards to send to loved ones. In this modern day of virtual greetings, a simple old-fashioned card is such a unique item. Whilst all purchasers on Fine Art America remain anonymous, I would still like to say “Thank you, may my art bring you much joy and happiness”.

If you have a few minutes with nothing to do; feel free to take a look at my other photographs and art. Click on any photo above and you will be taken to my gallery, where you can view more images. Feel free to leave any comments, or to share online.

Art Prints

I do hope all the links work, let me know if there is a problem!


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